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photo  8-Feb-2011
 adopted after spending over a year at the RSPCA

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Eddie is the softest, most adorable dog you will ever meet. No words could ever do this wonderful boy justice with his beautiful, friendly personality and polite manners. Eddie was one of the RSPCA's longest tenants - he was with us for 54 weeks. He was originally brought in by our Inspectors and spent a few months recovering from neglect, gaining the much needed weight that he had lost, and receiving lots of TLC from staff. Eddie has an incredible ability to jump, so he was in search of a special home; one with very high fences or a very large yard. We are pleased to say that Eddie has found his forever home and from all reports is fitting in to his new family beautifully. He has a big property to enjoy and accompanies his new family members around the property 'helping' them with their daily duties.

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